The Global Christian Professional Women’s Association ends a banner year with the establishment of GCPWA India – its first ever chapter that fosters a strategic international collaboration. GCPWA India’s inaugural group of eleven professional Christian women met on Monday, 11th December 2017 at Coimbatore in Southern India. This group of qualified and enthusiastic women of God have committed to aiding GCPWA to reach out and inspire millions of women across their nation. “GCPWA-India is a God given mandate and call for my life,” said Priscilla Brighton, President of GCPWA India.

“In a world without borders connecting like-minded women is paramount to affecting change said Dr. Grace Stephens, Founder and CEO of GCPWA. “The establishment of GCPWA India is of tremendous value to advancing God’s Kingdom and to the development of His people in India – a developing country with the second largest population in the world. GCPWA has been the leader in setting the agenda to educate, encourage and empower women in the ways they can serve God within the world of work.  The formation of GCPWA India will help build on some of the great work which is already underway in the United States, and we look forward to collaborating with our sisters in India and around the world – drawing on our expertise and commitment to Christ - to take this work forward.” Pray for GCPWA USA and GCPWA India - as a team we move forward trusting God to direct our paths.

About the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association

The Global Christian Professional Women’s Association (GCPWA) is the world’s largest and premier resource for serving and advancing professional women of faith. This not-for-profit organization exists to foster the professional and spiritual needs of Christian and professional women globally. The organization’s guiding principles include faith, service, excellence, transparency, inclusion and advancement. We provide women with the necessary tools to thrive in the professional marketplace and in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

For more information about the organization and membership, visit www.gcpwa.org or email contact@gcpwa.org.  To register for its annual conference, visit www.gcpwaconference.com.