Friday, January 15, 2016 - 12:00pm


Innovative association boldly tackles the unique challenges of Christian women in the professional marketplace. 

By 2025, rankings of the most economically competitive countries in the world may look very different than they do today. According to a recent World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report, more women than men are now entering the labor force than ever before. In Brazil, China, and Russia, more women attend university than men. Given these noteworthy trends, the timing couldn’t be better for the formation of the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association (GCPWA). The new entity is a not-for-profit organization that exists to foster the professional and spiritual needs of Christian and professional women internationally.

Founded by Dr. Grace M.A. Stephens, the current Chancellor of MacCormac College in Chicago, the organization was established with a firm belief in the unified power of a vibrant Christian faith and a dedication to excellence in the professional workplace. A diverse board of highly qualified women from across the professional and spiritual spectrum was quickly solidified and the common vision and mission of a place where like-minded women can get together and learn, network, and fellowship with each other, was affirmed.  

The organization’s uniqueness lies in its specific focus on initiatives that would appeal particularly to Christian women in the marketplace.
“There’s nothing else out there that is meeting the needs of professional women of faith quite like the GCPWA,” said Dr. Alexis Stephens. “Our mission of educating, encouraging, and empowering Christian professional women to live their best life is entirely unique to us.”

GCPWA takes a holistic approach to serving its members by caring for and encouraging their spiritual needs as well as the professional. The group selflessly promotes its members’ businesses and supports non-profits that members are involved in. In addition, their global agenda incorporates an intentional thrust to bridge the gap between young girls and seniors, a characteristic rarely found in other trade associations.

“Simply put, we want to be the leading resource in serving and advancing Christian professional women worldwide,” Dr. Alexis Stephens adds. “We have a global initiative to incorporate faith back into the schools and into the workplace in a way that is both empowering and fulfilling to women.”

The organization plans on accomplishing that through creating new chapters worldwide that will embody the ethos of the organization. The membership-driven entity is also a collective clearinghouse of best practices, shared resources, and peer-to-peer encouragement. Events and workshops are currently being planned for 2016 and beyond, as is the group’s international convention, which will be held on September 18 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Membership in the GCPWA starts at $100 annually and can be initiated on the organization’s website ( or by calling 866-774-2792.